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Concrete Cleaning For Your Rocky Mount Pavement

Beautify your concrete with our concrete cleaning experts, now available in Rocky Mount and beyond. Your concrete deserves your best attention, as poorly treated concrete will cost you future maintenance and repair fees!

Pressure washing in Rocky Mount is a critical job. Depending on your property, you may have to pressure wash your home driveway or patio more than once a year. But even if you only need us once a year, why not go with the concrete cleaning professionals?

Rocky Mount pressure washing became so much easier once Servant Softwash ENC rolled into town. We can do anything from driveway washing to expert concrete cleaning!

Rocky Mount Has The Concrete Cleaning Pros

Servant Softwash ENC runs a ship-shape operation, and we train our mobile pressure washing teams with the utmost care. Just because concrete is one of the most resilient materials, a pressure wash doesn't mean we don't treat it well.

Concrete is easy to wash, but you should check with us what kind of detergent you want to be used on your concrete. Some detergents can be toxic, and we understand that some homes have children and animals that may not understand this.

A description of the pressure washing process for concrete is that we will put down a heavy degreaser on your most severe stains and wait for it to soak in. Once it has, but before everything dries, we will add our detergent on the rest of your concrete and then wait for that to soak in as well.

Once everything has settled in and the stains are in our grasp, we blast the surface of your concrete with our highly pressurized tools, scouring away years of dirt and grime. There's nothing like a good pavement pressure washing service to make your exterior look like new!

Driveway cleaning

Driveway Washing

When you need expert driveway washing services for your Rocky Mount home, give us a call! We'll be happy to schedule a driveway washing for you ASAP.

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Sidewalk cleaning

Sidewalk Washing

Our pressure washing company offers top-notch sidewalk cleaning for the Rocky Mount area! We'll leave your sidewalks free of mud, dirt, weeds, and anything else you may need to be cleaned.

Learn More About Sidewalk Washing

Servant Softwash ENC is your best bet for quality concrete cleaning in the Rocky Mount area! Why leave your concrete cleaning service to the amateurs when you can go with the best? Call us today for a free quote or estimate!

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