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What To Know About Preparing For Service Before We Arrive

Before we arrive

Servant Softwash ENC is a Veteran owned and operated pressure washing company dedicated to superior results. However, to provide effective cleaning services efficiently, it takes a little preparation on your part. Before we arrive, there are some vital steps you need to take. Job safety and customer satisfaction are two of our primary concerns. However, to achieve this for every job, it helps significantly when the homeowner has prepped the area for cleaning. Take a look at our "Before We Arrive" Checklist, then call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Service Preparation For Prompt & Efficient Pressure Washing

Whether we're taking care of house washing or commercial pressure washing, we want to be able to expedite the process. Failure to properly prepare the exterior spaces for power washing causes delays and can lead to the property owner incurring extra fees for time beyond your allotted amount needed to move items or otherwise prepare the exterior.

Outdoor Furnishings & Items: Please relocate items such as tables, chairs, potted plants, etc., a minimum of 30' from the house. Any items left in the way will have to be moved by our cleaning technicians, which adds to the labor costs.

Doors & Windows: The most obvious task for doors and windows is to make sure they're all closed tightly. If you know or suspect any have missing or compromised weather stripping, place a towel inside to compensate. If you're having your windows cleaned, screens should be removed ahead of time.

Driveways: Vehicles should be moved prior to our arrival.

Gate & Screen Porch Access: Please unlock outdoor dividers like screen porches and gates before a cleaning tech arrives to ensure readily available access and prevent delay.

Water Supply: Please check all exterior water connections before the scheduled date to ensure they are accessible and functional.

We're happy to provide a free estimate. However, bear in mind that the quote we give is based on preparation taking place before we arrive. Anything that causes more work or extra time for our cleaning team members adds additional costs to the previously quoted price. For the best service in Rocky Mount from dedicated pressure washing experts, call Servant Softwash ENC today.


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